Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to School!

Its hard to believe that Back to School is just around the corner! We are looking forward to another great school year. We encourage everyone to come to our Fall Training Conference, scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 15 at 7pm at the School District Offices in Pocatello. We will have important information about the new membership cards and changes to the Reflections programs, along with training for new board members and a message from the State PTA. The agenda follows. Please feel free to contact me any time, I am always available to help! I look forward to seeing everyone at our Fall Conference!

Lesli Schei, Region 5 Director, PTA

Fall Conference Agenda


*Welcome, Introduction of Regional Board Lesli Schei, Region 5 Director

*Message from Idaho PTA Jana Hatch, Idaho PTA President

*Treasurer's Report/Presentation of the Budget Katy Mottishaw, Region 5 Treasurer

*Membership Card Changes Lesli Schei, Region 5 Director

*Reflections Changes, Introduction of theme "The Magic of a Moment" Rachel Schuldt, Idaho PTA
 Reflections Chair; Tonya Walton, Region 5 Reflections Chair

*Idaho PTA Convention Mary Kae Ryner, 2013 Convention Chair

*Idea Share Emily Smith, Region 5 Legislative Chair

*Position Training

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School 2011-2012

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are gearing up for the upcoming school year. A big thanks to those of you who attended our fall conference. I hope we gave you some valuable information for getting your PTAs started. If you were not able to attend, I have posted the minutes below. You can also email me at and I can email you information we handed out at the meeting. I am excited to get started as the Regional Director, and will be happy to help in any way I can.
Thanks again, and have a great school year!
Lesli Schei, Region 5 Director

Region 5 PTA Fall Training Conference

Welcome, Introduction of Regional Board- Lesli Schei , Regional Director
Review agenda and important dates found on back of agenda. Encourage members to go to the State Convention in Boise. 990’s due to the IRS: November 15th
Packet includes Agenda, Unit Survey, PTA Insurance Handout, Conflict management handout, Why Join PTA Handout, District 25 calendar, PTA Region 5 Grant Application.
Presentation of the Budget- Kat Mottishaw Regional Treasurer
The budget was read and Brandi Barnes motioned and Sandra seconded, the budget was voted on and passed.
Insurance Presentation- Mary Kae Ryner, Regional Secretary

Introduction of Reflections Theme- Tonya Waton
Refer to hand out “Diversity is” December 8th Regional pick-up date. Schools will be able arrange an earlier pickup date.
State Remarks- Jana Hatch Idaho State PTA President
Raise membership so there is more of a voice through the legislatives. Facebook page and Tweeter page. Theme this year “Bridging the Gap”.
National PTA dues went up $0.50, The Idaho PTA will absorb the cost for this year. Leaving dues at $7.00
Conflict Management- Brandi Barnes, Hawthorne Middle School PTSA President
The Magic of Conflict- Refer to the handout
Ease the tension of the room at the beginning of the meeting.
If someone threatens to resign accept their resignation don’t give them the power.
Forward emails to the directors so they have a back ground.
Print off minutes have them in several places. Have by-laws and standing rules ready to use as a reference at all times to refer in times of conflict.
Thank you notes- keep people feeling important and needed.
Elections- Nominating committees Meet in January at least 3 people odd numbers- current president and principle may give suggestions but not be on the committee.
Make sure that the members only are voting. Principles and Teachers must join PTA to have a vote.
Lots of requests for money, have a goal and a focus for the year.
Committee members need to have a budget and stick to it, if they go over they need a vote.
Non-profit oraganizations money reports are not private and can be viewed anytime,
Agendas- have before the meeting and emailed out, nothing is added the day of the meeting.
Let the committees handle the assignment.
Q and A
Can we provide some drawings for those who sign up as a member? Yes

Friday, February 18, 2011

Eastern Idaho PTA Resource Fair- March 17th

This resource fair will be for all schools, non-profits, sports groups or any other entity who needs fund raising ideas. There will also be other non-profits who could benefit your organization. Who wants to choose a fund raising company with out sampling their products, meet their representative and talk to others who have already worked with these people. Save the Date- March 17th, Mountain View Middle School, Mitchell Ln., Blackfoot- 5pm -9pm. Light dinner, free admission, many samples, and DOOR PRIZES!!

Regional Reflections Winners

Congrats to all who participated. Here are the winners:

Dance Choreography:
1. Jill Pary - Gate City
2. Alina Lylakhove - Tendoy
1. Brooke Johnson - Chubbuck
2. Joshua Wheeler - Tendoy
1 Landon Taylor - Gate City
1. Megan Mickelsen
2. Juan Carlos Figueroa -Rulon Ellis
1. Lizzy Bowallis - Chubbuck
2. Lyssa Schei - Chubbuck
3. D.J. Shore - Tyhee
1.Mckay Wadsworth - North Gem
2. Riata Lynn Butterfield - North Gem
3. Eliza Kener - Washington
1. Sarah Hibbert
2. Emilee Simons - North Gem
Musical Composition
1. Megan Mickelsen
2. Mason Mickelsen
3. Mathew Petersen - Rulon Ellis
1. Hunter Helim - Tyhee
2. Mathew Borgholthaus - Chubbuck
3. Alex Orr - Gate City
1. Kyle Olsen - Chubbuck
2. Morgan Christensen - Rulon Ellis
3. Marcus Wooden - Tyhee
1. James Warren - Tyhee
2. Sliles Wooden - Tyhee
3. Jayden Bannister - Gate City
1. Justin Jenkins - North Gem\
2. Bell Cheney - Gate City
3. Riley Gee
Visual Arts:
1. Summer Payne Washington Elementary
2. Chloe Cheney Gate City Elementary
3. Nicolas Price Tyhee Elementary

1. Kristen Jarvis Chubbuck Elementary
2. Gable Holyolk North Gem PTSA
3. Teagan Savage Tyhee Elementary

1. Colter Bell North Gem PTSA
2. Brin Nelson- Greenacres PTA
3. Kambrie Christensen North Gem PTSA

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What would be some good legislative priorities for 2011 - Fall conference

Ø Budget
Ø Funding
Ø Standardized testing
Ø Extracurricular activities
Ø $$$
Ø Get rid of “no child left behind” – it’s not working
Ø PE brought back to school in full force
Ø Art brought back and music (not band)
Ø School lunch improvement for health!!!! Recess before lunch?
Ø Cell phone use in school
Ø Trust lands
Ø Local district school $
Ø PE and recess – keep recess in schools!!! Healthy lunches
Ø More money to schools. Not so much unknown
Ø Well rounded education to include the arts/music
Ø Healthy lunches – more healthy choices
Ø Funding
Ø Funding differences to charter schools versus public schools
Ø Eliminate school district “chance” to fund special pet projects
Ø Require teachers who teach children with extra needs (such as title 1 teachers) to have specialized training in educating children with those needs. A mainstream teacher is not qualified.
Ø Safety in schools (bullying, enough recess aids so that all parts of the playground are being watched at all times, etc)

How can you increase your PTA membership - Fall conference

Ø Play the power point
Ø Sign up at end of year
Ø Raffle tickets for items – get raffle ticket for signing up as a member of PTA
Ø More incentive to kids who’s parents join
Ø Class competition
Ø Display of membership
Ø Give Halloween carnival tickets
Ø Communication – educate parents on benefits of PTA
Ø Envelope (like Chubbuck does)
Ø File folder with school and PTA information at beginning of year with info to keep on one side and items to fill out and send back on the other (like Tendoy does – these are reusable every year)
Ø Get parents excited about their child’s school and how much their help makes a difference
Ø Back to school packets
Ø Deleta skating will allow school to have a PTA night where the family gets in free when parents pay membership dues
Ø PTA drive at grandparent’s night
Ø Call and use your parents who are PTA paying members and talk with as many parents to get them excited about being in the PTA and helping the children succeed
Ø Give kids a reward if parents join
Ø Safe House
Ø Raffle for those who join – other incentives
Ø Get all parents in one place – announce and sell
Ø Buy a PTA membership at a fundraising & hot dogs & coke are free (or discounted) that normally cost $3-$5 at the fundraiser
Ø Incentive - let PTA members get in free, or free raffle tickets, etc, etc
Ø Get teachers to join
Ø Carnival ticket at purchase